Sunday, October 22, 2017

In 9th year, still doing good, some more learnings

No major issues - that would require a technician to attend. Usual challenge of changing the softener settings in accordance with the quality of water coming in the tap.

One another issue that we encountered was the 16A socket was showing signs of getting heated and had to be changed with a new Socket. I changed the Dishwasher's plug as well as I saw some kind of wear and tier and bought both socket and plug from the same company so that they match perfectly.

Apart from that, the other day I received an email (I get decent amount of email from people who want to own or own a dishwasher) and one such person happen to be in my own locality and we thought we would meet to see why his dishwasher wasn't cleaning the vessels properly.

The person conveyed that he had been using the alternatives that I've suggested in the blog, however, his machine was not given a clean output. Since he was not very far from where I live, I decided to visit his place one day (that gave me a chance to post this message - probably my quota for this year)

And this how it looked.

I have suggested him to buy a Can (yes - 5 litre) of Vinegar and asked him to find some time to manually rub it with a cloth dipped in Vinegar. Using a liquid detergent would have helped superficially, however, when you run the machine after cleaning, you would encounter lot of froth which is not good for the machine.

While manually rubbing off the scaling and cleaning would help the machine to recover, the scaling in internal parts would take very long time to be removed [not 100% though]. 

Bottom line is
  1. Even if you have good supply of municipality [soft] water, please ensure that the inner walls of the dishwasher looks clean and new. If needed run empty run with Vinegar so that the inner walls are always spic and span.
  2. Regular cleaning off filter and arms are must.
  3. Maintain the Dishwasher it would give you a longer life.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eight Years and Going Good

  • No break down in the past two years
  • We follow the points mentioned here.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Article in Business Line refering this blog

I'm delighted to share with you that an Article about Dishwasher appeared in the Business Line yesterday by Sravanthi Challapalli (Thanks!) which sums up the prevailing market.

(Online Version)

I have received numerous emails asking what Dishwasher I'd recommend. Let me reiterate two points.
  • All Dishwashers are similar in performance, 
  • It is the service network in your area and the extent of Warranty Support should be the deciding factor when you choose the Dishwasher.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Washing Vegetables & Fruits

Couple of month's back I was reading an article related to farming, there, a farmer was suggesting that the best way to reduce / get rid of Pesticides from the Vegetables we buy, is to wash the Vegetables in water containing Salt and Turmeric before using it for Cooking.

We thought, why we shouldn't try Dishwasher to do this; The first challenge we encountered was to reduce the vast gaps, that are inherent to any Dishwasher Basket. So we picked up two Vegetable Bags that the Vegetable Vendors use to transport and spread them first on the Basket and then place the Vegetable on top of them.

We choose the Pre-wash Program for following reasons.
  1. It does only Cold water wash in our Dishwasher 
  2. Takes about 10 minutes to run fully
  3. Doesn't use Detergent and Rinse Aid
After the initial draining, water in-take and after the machine starts running, we stop it and added 2 spoons of Turmeric Powder. As far as Salt is concern,  we have stopped buying / using Dishwasher Salts that have additives / color agents long back and been using good old Crystal Salt (without Iodine) which is a natural additive.

Caution to Readers: Don't try this in your dishwasher straightway, unless you are very sure about the Chemicals you put in. We have stopped using Rinse Aid long back and as far as Dishwasher Salt is concern we use Natural Crystal Salt (the one without Iodine - this is important, as Iodine based Salt would affect the Membrane present in the inbuilt Water Softner). Now-a-days we run the Maintenance cycle every week with Vinegar so I know any Dishwasher Detergent residue in the pipeline would have been cleaned thoroughly before we use it for washing Vegetables/Fruits.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Six Years and Going Good

It's been Six years since we bought our Dishwasher and it has been working very well. I'm sharing some of the experiences so that it would help the visitors.
  • No Major break downs witnessed so far except on two occasions when the Controller board had to be replaced. Controller Board was replaced without any additional charge as we had always ensured that the Dishwasher is under AMC/Warranty.
  • I personally feel that, if we had taken some simple precautions then we could have avoided the Controller Board failure
    • Having a suitable Power Socket that is properly earthed.
    • Operating the Dishwasher during the night and leaving it ON throughout the night without switching it off - this is my feeling, in our area there are many industries nearby and there would be lot of power fluctuations during the night and during one such instance a spike might have happened
  • After we took care of the above two points we never had a breakdown.
  • Clean the filters and spray arm regularly so that there are no food debris that is blocking free flow of water.
  • Whenever the Dishwasher doesn't clean properly, don't disturb the way vessels are kept, just try to figure out what might have went wrong. Do some simple checks...
    • Check the program setting and ensure proper program is selected. A curious visitor or a kid might have changed the program setting.
    • Check whether there are any detergent left in the Detergent Dispenser  or recollect if you have filled it prior to starting and the lid was closed properly.
    • Improper placement of Vessels, especially placing a big vessel on the top basket that might prevent water falling on vessels kept at the top.
    • Check if you have place any big plate/vessel that prevented the detergent dispenser from opening fully and/or detergent getting emptied during wash cycle.
    • Check whether the spray arms are rotating properly, some vessel might be obstructing the free movement of spray arm. Best way to avoid this is, after you place the vessels try to rotate both the spray arms and ensure they are rotating freely. 
    • Immediately after the Dishwasher has started, don't leave the place, just listen to the sound the Dishwasher makes, if you hear any abnormal sound or you feel the spray arm is not moving then rectify it.
    • May be it is time to fill the Dishwasher salt or the water softener level needs to be adjusted due to change in the quality of the water that is coming from the over head tank.
    • Check whether Filters need cleaning
  • Once in a while keep any eye on the time the Dishwasher takes to complete the entire cycle. Any minor time difference is fine, however, any major differences in the duration might indicate some issues.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Safety aspects while using Dishwasher

Well after a long gap, I thought I'd write a topic. Before that our Dishwasher has been working fine, I signed a maintenance contract (this is must) as the Controller Board went off twice and company replaced it.

Let me give some Safety tips and will cover it under two headings - Personal Safety and Equipment Safety.

Disclaimer: The safety aspects that are discussed here are based on my experience and Please read the Manufacturers User Manual and adhere to them stricktly. My views given here are in addition to what is mentioned in respective user manuals and doesn't neccessarily replace what is conveyed there. Any incidental damages/death caused by following or not following the tips given here is purely at your risk and I can't be held responsible.

Personal Safety


This is applicable for all people whether they use a Dishwasher or otherwise. Whether you reside in an apartment or individual house. Ensure that all your electrical lines are properly Earthed.  You might have experienced as well, if you touch any appliance accidently and you feel a mild shock or feel like current is passing then this is the reason. Either the Earth wire is missing or not connected properly. The easiest and best way, as far as I'm aware, is, to engage an Electrician who works in the Industry who is certified and well versed in handling Heavy Current. The electrician employed by the builder or by your building contractor or a person from nearby Electrical shop cannot be relayed generally. I got in touch with a person who does contract work for Industrial and Corporate offices - Cost is marginally high but Safety is assured. If you are working in an MNC or Corporate company or in Core Industry, definitely you company is going to have a certified electrician.

Socket (Amperage) and Internal Electrical Wire
This is applicable for all people whether they use a Dishwasher or otherwise. Your Dishwasher would draw any where above 2000Watts and for such kind of heavy machine, you need to have atleast 16A socke/plug and supporting internal wires. Any inferior quality wires / socket / plugs would be a strict NO. Ensure that you are using Socket, Wires and Plugs from a branded company and wires especially should be of right gauge. An electician from Industrial background would be able to advice correctly.

Extension Box
Don't ever think of using an extension box. I can't say any further. If you ask me extenstion box should be banned. This along with poor quality wires and loose connections are major cause of accidents. Don't do it.

General Inspection
This is applicable for all people whether they use a Dishwasher or otherwise. Have an habit of performing this small check. You have operated an heavy duty machine like Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave Oven, AC, etc, after you have switch off the appliance and the main socket, check if you feel any heat around those Socket / Plugs [ensure you are properly protected from any accidental shock]. If so it is time to call a Trained Electrician and ask him to inspect and replace neccessary Socket/Plug/Wire with a good quality material. Additionally check the wall / floor for any dampness and take rectification steps.

Running Dishwasher while you are away or asleep
We use to do this before and considering all the safety measures that I talked about, you could avoid this if you plan it well. Some times there are huge fluctuations happening during night (depending on the area you reside), I happen to notice one night that our fan was running on Inverter power inspite of Mains working, due to low voltage.

Opening the door when the Dishwasher is working or wet
This generally happens when you want a particular vessel which is being cleaned currently and you can't wait until the entire cycle gets completed.

(Please read Disclaimer again)

Ensure that you have switched off the Dishwasher completely. By completely, I mean, the on/off button in your dishwasher is in off position and that switch near the power plug on the wall is in off position, if you are extra cautious remove the plug from the socket. [Take neccessary care]. After you have ensured that there is no power supply going to your dishwasher and that Dishwasher has stopped operating, you can think of taking out the vessel. Remember that water or water vapour inside the dishwasher is going to be hot depending on, at what stage, you want to retrieve. So be careful while opening the door.

Equipment Safety

Proper Earthing, Socket and Internal Wiring are important as mentioned above. It is better to have a good voltage cut-off equipment to protect the Dishwasher from getting exposed to huge voltage fluctuations while it in operation. Su-Kam has a equipment, you could explore. IFB suggests a similar unit but I'm not quite happy with the product as it went bad just after a year.

Any good / standard product available in the market with proper Load specification should help. It is not absolutely necessary though. But what happens generally is, the controller board used inside the Dishwashers are imported from outside the country and hence they are generally not stocked in Franchise office but in the Regional Offices,so if it goes bad, you are going to see some delay in getting it replaced. Develop contact with your Branch Office service head, so that the delays are minimal.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Filter (External)

Water being the main source for this appliance there are many filters both inside and outside of the dishwasher to filter dirt and food particles. In this post I'm going to cover one important filter that is present outside the dishwasher.

The filter I'm talking is present in the extreme end of the water inlet hose. The basic use of it is to filter out any sand/dust/rust particles coming from the over head tank.

If you find your dishwasher is not working or taking long time to complete then you may want to check this filter. Regular check once in 2 weeks and whenever your over-head tank is cleaned would avoid problem.

So far I've come across two type of filters and I'm posting pictures related to both of them here.

First Type of Filter - Inlet Hose

Filter and Washer all-in-one

Just place this filter under running tap and put back

Second Type of Filter - Inlet Hose
 (see some dust stuck at the centre of the filter)

Filter and Washer are not one single unit here
 Clean the Filter by placing it under running water and put back